Customized experience

The server has been meticulously configured and tweaked over time to make the experience as engaging as possible.

Intense gameplay

Because of our risk vs. reward balance-policy, it will be harder than other servers to gear up, which makes you treasure your loot more, and fight harder to keep it.

Hands on admins

Our team actively work toward a self-sustaining experience. They're harsh, but work toward our 'teach a man to fish'-policy.


Edge of Sanity [EOS] is an ARMA 3 survival community. Our servers will always be configured to balance hardcore and casual. This means that compared to other communities, your experience as a player will be different to other servers, and many of our players say that our server is the best they’ve been at. We pride ourselves at having a clear goal with what we want the server to be.

We want new players to be challenged, to be uncomfortable but entertained. To experience frustration, yet exhiliration.

Best server ever!
Hard mode enabled, no running around and having full military gear in 15 mins.

Here you will cherish that hard gained LRPS!

Tobias Solem (server owner) is a very approachable fellow, always willing to help. He listens to feedback from the server population, tweaking stuff and implementing new things.

I really like the harder difficulty, when you are finally able to buy a car it really is worth something, those poptabs required blood, sweat & tears. There is lots do to on the server, many missions and/or PvP. Aaaaaand there is the radioactive/zombie island which is just bloody EPIC!!! Sweating under your gasmask, you and your friends strain to hear the next attacking zombie while on the lookout for that pesky NPC patrol, the geiger counter crackling like mad, while simultaneously running from the AI chopper. Not for the feint of heart!

If you are looking for a challenging but rewarding exile experience look no further!

If you need help on the server, ask for help in the side channel! Server population is nice & helpful (even if they may shoot you ;-)!

My ingame name is “true”, always willing to help.

true true

Hi, you have a good server, so far the best Exile server I’ve played on. Me and my swedish friends love the server, I especially like the fact that you have to put in quite alot of work to get a base going (wich i haven’t been able to do yet). I will surely spread word on the server

VikingOperator VikingOperator

** English Version Below **
Der Server ist wirklich mal ne richtige Herausforderung. Es wird einem nichts geschenkt und vor allem es ist nah an der Realität. Die Erweiterungen sind sehr gut integriert und man hat ne Menge Spaß mit all dem was man machen kann.
Es ist kein Server für Leute die schnell n Heli kaufen und dann nur noch zum Trader pendeln um alles zu verkloppen, so einfach kommt man da nicht vorwärts.
Aber wer wirklich mal sehen will was man mit EXILE machen kann, ist hier finde ich richtig.

Ich bin dort kleben geblieben, weil mir genau das gefallen hat.
Es gibt ne Menge Fahrzeuge und Waffen, was es am Ende auf jeden Fall unterhaltsam macht.

This Server is really challenging. You get no gifts and you play close to reality. The Expansions are very well implented in the game and it makes a lot of fun.

It is no server for people who want to get forward very fast and buy a helicopter and just make money at the trader.
If you want to see how hard the life in EXILE can be, you are right at this place !!

I got stuck there, because i like the challenge.
Also there are lots of vehicles and weapons, that’s makes it bit more entertaining

Linozerus Linozerus

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Upcoming changes

The new zombie system On the backend @Senfo#5128 has been working on an entirely new zombie system based off on the models and textures from the best zombie mod for ARMA 3, Breaking Point. @Senfo#5128 has been working hard for the past weeks to create a system that isn’t only very optimized (yay better fps), […]

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As most of you know, our server has been down ever since ARMA updated to version 1.70. We had lots of issues adapting all our custom stuff to the new Exile 1.03 codebase and we had a lot of things we wanted to tweak for the better. We are now launching our server once again, […]

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