The year is 2037, in what is known as the PTW, a world with a crashed world economy, ¬†where fascist states are the norm and anyone labeled a criminal by the system gets sent off to different areas for “rehabilitation”, which essentially are off-site geographical areas (often island territories) outside the nation – little prison island societies. Mostly left to fend for themselves.

One of these areas, is what is referred to as: “The HEART OF DARKNESS” by the present populace, is the mainland in which the most hardened of criminals are placed, to be experimented on. The island has had its air polluted with a gaseous radiological biochemical form of agent, that work as a mental stimulant, completely suppressing the need or desire to leave the islands, but that also has some side-effects, such as extreme paranoia, mental degradation. The compound itself, like a bacteria has also shown the ability to mutate into a more lethal form that makes rabid zombie like beings out of dead men.

The convicts on this island are dropped off in ‘test suits’ instead of normal convict jumpsuits, to display their statuses as guinea pigs. By the long-time survivors, these are referred to as “fresh spawns”, or “bambis”, and killing them are viewed as a cowardly, pointless act.

Police activities

The area around Chernarus have different police activities, some of them a part of the experiment. A way for the police to, for example, raid certain areas, or bring certain equipment to their different bases, one of which is based on the northwest, ancient castle.