1. Download ARMA 3
  2. (Download APEX DLC, Laws of War DLC, Karts DLC, Marksman DLC and Helicopter DLC)*
  3. Download and install the following mods from Steam Workshop:
  4. Download and install (copy the contents of the archive to your mod directory) Exile client
  5. Make 100% sure that all of the above mods are fully installed and launched with ARMA 3 – it will not work without this
  6. Go in-game, click multiplayer>server-browser
  7. Click the Direct connect tab, and type in:  – and under port: 2302
  8. You should now see the server, double click it and you’re done!

*These DLC are optional, but required for using certain items or piloting certain in-game vehicles
** The reason we aren’t using A3Launcher is that it does not support all our mods