Well, first of all it’s an ARMA 3 server. ARMA 3 is a military simulator that has a very extensive mod-support. Mods are used to modify the core game. The particular server that this website and community revolves around are also modified to work similar to the original DayZmod for the older ARMA 2.

By similar, it means that the game is a sandbox survival game, in a world that has zombies in it. You need to gather and craft equipment and gear, as well as use the things you find in an attempt to survive. More details are available in the server features section.

How to join the game

First of all, to join our server you will need ARMA 3. Without it, you cannot join the server (links to download them are found on the download page).

What to do once in-game?

Sandbox games are games in where you do not have any clear, linear objective to pursue. Instead there is a plethora of activities that you can try. For example, there’s the looting; all buildings around you are likely to have loot for you to gather, such as clothing, food, backpacks, drinks, cans, can openers, matches, to weapons, grenades, anti-personnel mines and explosive charges. On top of that, there’s a crafting system in which you can combine certain items to craft other items.

In addition to the crafting, there’s the “materials gathering”, where you (for example) obtain a hatchet to cut down trees, to gather and craft items out of, or to build a shelter from. Using the group mechanic, you can create groups, or even “clans” (or families as they are called in this game). You can play either solo or together with other players.

PvP or PvE?

After you’ve been doing this, you can consider whether you want to primarily PvP or PvE. Meaning, do you want to spend your days killing other players and raiding their bases (blowing up walls, grinding open doors, hacking into safes,  and stealing their loot. Or do you want to mostly spend your days combating AI-controlled enemies in missions, or events?

There are plenty of things to discover. If you want a more visual guide you can watch this video: