As most of you know, our server has been down ever since ARMA updated to version 1.70. We had lots of issues adapting all our custom stuff to the new Exile 1.03 codebase and we had a lot of things we wanted to tweak for the better. We are now launching our server once again, with all the same features of old plus a couple of new ones that we are excited about! At the moment the territories will stay put for three months, and an old deleted territory will be able to be brought back in 6 months time. This policy will remain for a while while the server population re-grows. But will disappear eventually.

New stuff:

* New on-screen health/hunger/thirst system, similar to DayZMod
* New re-balanced loot-tables
* Removed SM_Zombz, and re-configured the zombie locations
* Chopper crash sites now has loot scattered over the ground, also similar to DayZMod
* Hunting is in effect, and requires a knife, knives has thus been made more common
* Stealing cars now requires a screwdriver instead of a knife
* A lot of the crafting recipes now require a cordless screwdriver instead of a regular screwdriver
* Gear crates, under water crates, and similar have been adjusted (they were buggy)
* + more

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