The revive system has been implemented and has been tested to work, which means that it is soon to reach the live server. Before we push it live, I want to give you a few details about how it works.

Here’s how it works:
  1.  Target takes a critical amount of damage, but not enough to kill them = it does not generate a kill, it puts them immobile and unable to control their actions
  2.  A hit after this state will kill them (and generate a kill message), they can be revived, revival will take a certain amount of time and require (and consume) a first aid kit (that only is available as a loot item on the island of the dead)
  3. A hit with a “critical” weapon will still immediately kill targets without chance of revival
If they bleed out after state 2, they will generate a kill message (and a kill score). If you are in the unconscious state you can accelerate the bleed-out process, ie. if you know you have no one to revive you.
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