The new zombie system

On the backend @Senfo#5128 has been working on an entirely new zombie system based off on the models and textures from the best zombie mod for ARMA 3, Breaking Point. @Senfo#5128 has been working hard for the past weeks to create a system that isn’t only very optimized (yay better fps), but also quite efficient.


These new zombies will have limited to no way of seeing you with their eyes. They will be using hearing, but first and foremost SCENT. They will easily detect the scent of a player from quite some distance. They also have a pack mentality, where they prefer to travel in packs, rather than wandering around alone; this is due to still active parts of the brain.

The infection

The static infection system we have been using will change to a dynamic system. Where player interaction affects the spread of the infection (but the infection origin can in gameplay terms never be “cured”). Thusly, at the launch of the server, there will be very few infected cities and areas. But as players die, and as time goes by. The infection will spread. Players can, by eradicating a city of zombies help stop the flow of zombies … but some will take advantage of this.

This feature will be server-unique. So hopefully having a unique server-feature will help with getting some numbers back.

Hazmat suits

At the center of the infection origin there will no longer be possible to go with just the gas mask. Instead you will need a full hazmat suit (new inventory clothing type).

The loot in the infected area

Inside the infected area there will no longer be weapons dropped around the buildings. Instead you will find (among scattered ammunition, medical items, etc) unopenable “infected gear crates” that you either need to carry to a new trader type (who can decontaminate the gear) or decontaminate yourself using certain base-craftable stations.

The new weapons

We will also be adding new weapons and ammunition:

* Beretta M9
* Beretta M9 Tactical
* Glock 17
* Glock 18
* Micro Uzi
* Skorpion vz.61
* Smith & Wesson 500
* Walter P99
* Silenced Walter PPK
“Civilian” rifles (available in cities)
* CZ-452 Varmint
* CZ-550 (with exchangable barrels and camouflage)
* CZ-MC550
* Karbiener 98
* Lee Enfield MkIII
* Lee Enfield MkIV
* PSE TAC Elite Crossbow
* Remington Model 7 (With exchangable barrels)
* Remington 300 Blackout
* Remington Grendel
* Remington 700
* Ruger 10/22 w/ .22 Suppressors (VERY silent)
* M1 Garand
* SVT-40
* Classic Winchester 1866
* Classic short Winchester 1886
* Winchester Model 70
* Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

* Lupara Double Barrel
* Old M4 Benelli Super 90
* Old Remington 870 Express

Assault rifles
* AKS-74U
* AK-107
* AK-108
* AK-109
* Classic M-16
* M4-300
* M4-300 Blackout Masterkey
* AR-10
Marksman rifles (extremely rare)

* Barrett M107
* HK G36 DMR
* M110 SASS
* Mk12 SPR
* Mk12 Mod 1 SpecOps
* M14 DMR
* M24A1 Camo
* M24A2 SpecOps
* M25 White Feather
* M40 A5
* SVD Dragunov


* FN Mk48 Mod 0

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